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Initial Priorities

Based on students' feedback:

Funding for Essential People and Programs

While Emerson price gauges their students, this hardly leads to extra funding for essential people and programs. Recovering from COVID, our departments are understaffed because the high turnover rate of staff. Both faculty and staff have received pay cuts with inflation, and oftentimes lack necessary compensation and benefits for survival.

Expanded Financial and Administrative Democracy and Transparency

Emerson is relatively unique in the fact that they publicize none of their multi-hundred-million-dollar endowment. As the students who contribute 89% of their profit, we have a right to know where our money is going. Furthermore, financial and administrative matters concerning the lives of students and staff have hardly any mechanisms for the needs of these populations to be reflected in policy. 

Fight the Tuition Hike

The total cost of attendance at Emerson has risen by $24,788 in the last ten years. This is over emblematic of the national trend for US private colleges. Famously, millennials are steeped in college debt, however, Gen Z is destined for far more. Despite these hikes, many of the schools' programs are widdled down. 


The ECSU provides a variety of services on top of its events. We've found an incredible amount of help we can offer the student body with no resource other than each other. We hope to see you soon!

Equitable Equipment

ECSU's mutual aid program for educational and artistic materials


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